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Social Emotional Learning

At Pietrini we focus on the whole child, including social and emotional development and learning.  We have a set of core principles, The Patriot Principles, that guide us.
In addition focusing on the Patriot Principles, we also have a monthly Social Emotional Learning focus for the whole school. Students participate in grade appropriate class discussions and activities centered around these topics each month. While these topics are things incorporated into lessons and discussions all year long, a particular emphasis is placed on them during the following months:
Month Focus Month Focus
August Patriot Principals September Organizational Skills & Self-Advocacy
October Celebrating Diversity November Problem Solving
December Problem Solving January Impulse Control & Goal Setting
February Respect for Others March Teamwork
April Perspective Taking May Recognizing & Celebrating Strengths
Be sure to ask your child what they have been discussing at school in regards to these topics. Any support at home you can provide in reinforcing these concepts, as well as the Patriot Principles, is greatly appreciated!